Willie Nelson’s Granddaughter Brings Country/Garage Rock to Bristol Show

Bristol, VA/Tenn. (August 20, 2015) – Holston River Brewing Company has announced that the Raelyn Nelson Band will join Folk Soul Revival and Billy Bob Thornton’s band, The Boxmasters, in the previously publicized concert happening on Sunday, August 30 at 7:00 p.m. at the brewery.

“When the opportunity to bring Raelyn Nelson presented itself, we felt she would be perfect for this show,” said Jimmy Daugherty, co-owner of Holston River Brewing Company. “She’s an outlaw like Willie, but with a rock edge.”

The outlaw Willie to whom Daugherty refers would be Raelyn’s legendary Granddaddy, Willie Nelson. Though they share a surname and family ties there are few comparisons to their musical styles. Raelyn is a firecracker, pure and simple, with a sound she categorizes as “country/garage rock.”

“I’ve been told by more than one person in the ‘biz’ that I’m stubborn like my grandpa. I kind of like that,” says Raelyn. The fairer Nelson has been known to rip a Joan Jett cover while furiously strumming a ukulele. The Raelyn Nelson Band will open the show at Holston River Brewing Co. followed by regional favorite Folk Soul Revival, supporting headlining act The Boxmasters.  

Teddy Andreadis, J.D. Andrew, Brad Davis and Oscar winning actor and musician Billy Bob “Bud” Thornton make up The Boxmasters, an American roots-rock band of seasoned musicians whose sound is rich in rhythm and story. The band has been vigorously touring the south, from Texas to Tennessee, since the album’s spring release. Somewhere Down the Road is the band’s fourth album; it’s an accumulation of all of the life stories, all of the musical influences, and all of The Boxma