January Concert Guide
On her online biography, Raelyn Nelson says, “‘I don’t really have any desire to be a “solo-artist.” Everyone in my family who plays music has always placed a lot of importance on band chemistry . . . . Our band can almost read each other’s minds. Why would I mess with that?’” Humble words spoken by Nelson, the granddaughter of country legend Willie Nelson. You can see the emphasis on group over performer on the album cover of the Raelyn Nelson Band’s 2014 self-titled debut EP. Rather than have Nelson front and center, all four band members stand side by side. The photograph also pays tribute to the Ramones’ first album. However, the album design isn’t the only thing that harks back to the Ramones. Songs like “Brother” draw from punk as well as country in a move similar to one made by another country grandchild, honky-punk Hank Williams III. The Raelyn Nelson Band plays Club Cafe. Aris Paul and Alyssa Hankey open. 8 p.m. 56-58 S. 12th St., South Side. (CM) Christopher Maggio